BORN Group awarded for its innovative digital work in the SEA region

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BORN Group, an award-winning global digital agency, took home several awards at this year’s Agency of the Year, Malaysia 2020. The up-and-coming agency was honored to be shortlisted for nine categories among other agencies from elite and competing in Malaysia. He won three awards for positioning himself as a niche leader in experience management and enterprise commerce.

BORN proudly took on the hat of being the best programming, market research and branding and design agency at AOTY Malaysia 2020.

A rising tide lifts all the boats

With the accelerating growth of digital in the ASEAN region, the digital economy is expected to add approximately US $ 1 trillion to the region’s GDP over the next 10 years. To take advantage of this, the Malaysian market has set a target of increasing its digital economy to 20% by 2021.

However, most Malaysian companies are only in the early stages of their digital transformation journey. Many have yet to achieve improved business performance through the execution of digital strategies. On top of that, the growing demand for a robust CX in the vibrant Malaysian market will force digital agencies to embrace a actionable 360-degree view for their clients and the necessary investments, which in turn will propel brand engagement. .

Founded in 2011, BORN sits at the top of the digital value chain as a thinking partner for its clients. Brands around the world have access to many local and regional digital agencies as providers of digital content related services. With the changing online behavior of their consumers, brands need digital agencies to become their thinking partners rather than just delivery units.

Today, integrated houses of consulting, strategy, analysis and delivery units are expected. BORN has strategically built its service offerings to meet this demand from brands. This includes strategic acquisitions, an extension of its services to an integrated ecosystem, and the adaptation and strengthening of subject matter expertise in new technologies. Its goal is to continue to evolve towards building a cohesive digital transformation ecosystem with technology, commerce, content and data.

Deploy the strategic imperatives to ensure cutting-edge digital transformation

With BORN’s digital approach, every marketing decision is driven by data thanks to efficient instrumentation. He has conceptualized numerous strategic frameworks and platform accelerators such as Arctic Fox, Bulldog, Bison and Eagle in addition to leading platform providers to help his clients with faster time to market on the pivots of time and cost.

BORN conceptualized digital transformation (for B2B and B2C companies) through a signature framework: CxSxPxOxDx, where customer experience (CX) dictates the brand’s consumer experience; the service experience (SX) helps the brand to optimize the product / service-market fit; physical experience (PX) recognizes the importance of physical stores; and Operational Experience (OX) maps the experience and effectiveness of CxSxPx value drivers to revenue. All of these engines are underpinned by a database, which is the Data Experience (DX).

BORN realizes the science of CX management through its proprietary framework, Stella. Stella integrates three key elements:

  • Brand experience (BE) covers how a brand attracts and engages customers.
  • Behavioral Experience (BE) deals with customer transactions across channels.
  • The Record Book (BR) experiment captures critical data and analyzes it through data science and back-office systems.

This validates BORN’s thinking on storytelling, omnichannel and sales for their brands, customers and internal team.

A decade of unique success stories speaks of recognition

Focus on three of its founding pillars – creation, content and commerce – BORN offers an enhanced and intriguing shopping experience to over 500 top brands. She always focuses on the right channel and uses relevant touchpoints (digital or physical) where brands can best engage with their customers.

As an early adopter of digital disruption, BORN’s journey with top B2B, B2C and B2B2C brands began over ten years ago. He has helped several companies rethink digital transformation through the linchpins of business models, value chains, customers and organizational structures with the right skills.

“Our mission is to help customers combine all aspects of customer interaction with a brand into one integrated experience. “

“We always focus on the right digital channels – the relevant touchpoints where brands can best interact with their customer bases” – BORN Group

For example, BORN was approached by one of Malaysia’s largest mobile service providers, which operated in a saturated market, using archaic infrastructure and siled channels. We helped the telecom player revamp their omnichannel customer experience, e-commerce platform and customer acquisition strategy, using the best technology stack (commerce + CRM + ERP), digital marketing and analysis solutions. Over 3.5 million users have been registered on digital channels in the eight months since launch.

BORN was contracted by a leading Malaysian motorsport retailer to create a scalable platform for seamless purchasing of its motorsport products by its dealers, employees and end customers. BORN enabled omnichannel orchestration for B2B customers to have a smooth experience journey while ordering successfully as well as a great customer experience.

BORN Group is an award-winning global agency focused on entrepreneurial commerce and experience design. It’s a Tech Mahindra company.

With more than 500 digital transformations to its name in more than 40 end markets spanning the B2B and B2C segments, it is one of the largest digital agencies in the field of customer experience and branding with offices and operations in more than eight countries.

Find out more about the BORN group via their website and their LinkedIn page.

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