Google is working on AR smart glasses: report

Google would work on its augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. According to a New York Times report, Google is “fueling a new project” where it “is working on a new iteration of smart glasses.”
The report suggests that the latest project is the result of the acquisition of North – a pioneer in human-machine interfaces and smart glasses. The acquisition was completed in 2020. No details of the project are yet known. It may be too early to tell if Google is planning to launch an interim headset or if it’s all about the smart glasses form factor.
It’s worth noting that when Google acquired North last year, the Canadian company stopped selling Focals 1.0 and decided to cancel Focals 2.0. Several managers and engineers previously working with North are now part of Google’s Devices and Services division, responsible for Pixel, Nest and other hardware. This organizational change takes on its full meaning before a consumer product. In addition, the team that builds an augmented reality operating system is also placed under Devices and Services.
Not only Google, but other tech giants are also working on mixed reality hardware. Apple, for its part, has been working on its mixed reality headset for a long time. There are rumors that the Cupertino-based company plans to introduce the device by next year. The mixed reality headset, according to rumors, can be used for the development of augmented reality in addition to virtual reality, through the use of a pass-through camera where users can see the real world via a stream. video rather than directly. Meta is also working on a similar project named Project Cambria for 2022.

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