Green Homes grant extended for one year

The program, launched in September and which is one of the government’s flagship projects for job creation against Covid, was due to end on March 31, 2021. But the government has announced that it should now be extended until in 2022.

The founder of, Martin Lewis, had asked the government to extend the deadline after consumers said they were struggling to find installers to complete the work before the end of March.

For more information on how the program works, see our Green houses grant to guide.

What will the extension mean for the diet?

Here’s how the extension is configured to work:

  • The vouchers will always be worth the same amount under the extended plan. This means most homeowners will be able to claim vouchers worth up to £ 5,000, covering up to two-thirds of the cost of the work. Some homeowners who receive certain benefits will be able to get up to £ 10,000 in vouchers, covering the full cost.
  • Vouchers under the program will now be valid for three months after issuance or until March 31, 2022, whichever comes first. However, you may request an extension if you cannot redeem your voucher on time for reasons beyond your control.

Besides the new deadline, the regime will still operate the same and the government has said the same rules will apply. For more information, see our Green houses grant to guide.

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