Hilliard Introduces New Option for Hard-to-Recycle Materials

One of the main goals of the Hilliard Environmental Sustainability Commission is to promote recycling in our community, thereby reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

To that end, a new station for hard-to-recycle waste is now at the main entrance to the Hilliard Community Center.

Acceptable items include:

• Natural care products, such as mouthwash bottles and caps, toothbrushes, deodorant containers and caps, soap wrappers, dental floss containers, and toothpaste tubes and caps.

• Household batteries – but no button batteries, please.

• Candy wrappers.

• Markers.

• Christmas fairy lights.

But please note that we no longer accept caps and bottle caps.

Our ability to recycle natural skincare products stems from Tom’s of Maine’s Natural Skincare Recycling Program established by Terracycle.

Although this program is sponsored by Tom’s of Maine, the natural skincare products collected do not need to be brand specific.

In addition, the packaging does not need to be cleaned.

However, Terracycle asks us to remove as many products as possible before shipping. So please squeeze those toothpaste tubes until you can’t get any more product out.

If you are interested, visit this link for more common questions and answers about the Tom’s of Maine program: terracycle.com/en-US/brigades/toms-of-maine/brigade_faqs.

Candy markers and wrappers are recycled through other Terracycle programs. As Halloween approaches, be sure to save all of those wrappers and snack packs so they can be turned into cool products like picnic tables and benches.

The fairy lights are recycled as part of a Goodwill Industries work program. The batteries are brought to the Central Ohio Solid Waste Authority‘s household hazardous waste facility operated by Environmental Enterprises Inc.

So when you have a few items ready for recycling, take them to the Hilliard Community Center at 3800 Veterans Memorial Drive, and we’ll make sure they’re recycled. Additionally, stay tuned to Go Green Hilliard and City of Hilliard social media accounts as new collections will be added.

Special thanks go to ESC members Ed Cheshire for building the recycling station and Maggie Willis, who developed the signage, as well as to Geoff Dew of the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department for overseeing the placement and l maintenance of the recycling station at the community center.

This effort is another way the Town of Hilliard is working hard to become a model community for sustainable practices.

Greg Smith is a member of the Hilliard Environmental Sustainability Commission.

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