Improving the digital work experience could help with burnout

The conclusions of the Nexthink report

Burnout is an increasingly common problem, with a huge 75% of workers saying they have felt exhausted over the past year. Despite companies offering mental health resources and days off, the report said, staff still feel tired and exhausted. While part of this can be attributed to COVID itself, with the constant news updates and lack of variety over the course of a day causing everything to muddle in some way, this is not only COVID.

The Nexthink report says taking a more human approach to IT leads to both happier and more empowered workers, as well as more respected and sought-after IT professionals.

“A key stressor that employers must and can tackle head-on is improving their employees’ Digital Employee Experience (DEX) or the quality of user interactions with technology in their work environment. Whether it’s a VPN that won’t connect or a down server, disruptions to our technology in the workplace are causing employee frustration. The good news is that companies are starting to put the emphasis on DEX by hiring IT managers to proactively improve the employee experience.

While many companies have a dedicated IT department, Spring 2020 saw a massive increase in DEX roles – roles specifically designed to focus on and improve the employee experience within the company – with 35% of respondents responding. from Nexthink claiming to have noticed an increase in demand for DEX Roles.

This mix of HR and IT is a way to improve and streamline employees, who spend an average of 44% of their week on DEX-related areas. Even though it might seem like the right thing for your employees to do, 96% of respondents said senior members of their company see it as a smart investment.

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