Oracle Cloud Services Give Merchant Banks a Better View of Working Capital

Oracle Cloud Services Give Merchant Banks a Better View of Working Capital

Oracle Cloud Services Give Merchant Banks a Better View of Working Capital

New Cloud Supply Chain, Liquidity and Virtual Account Management Solutions Now Available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Austin, Texas — April 6, 2021

Corporate clients have traditionally relied on banks to optimize their working capital despite an unpredictable market. With the introduction of several new business banking solutions, Oracle Financial Services is giving banks better visibility into working capital and the tools to make that money work faster to improve their clients’ bottom line. Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the new services include supply chain finance, liquidity management, and recently announced virtual account management cloud services.

“The pandemic has left investment banks grappling with large loan losses and reduced capital investments, but an increased expectation to economically accelerate new digital services,” said Sonny Singh, executive vice president and chief executive officer general manager of Oracle Financial Services. “Our first three corporate banking cloud services provide corporate banks with a clear path to migrate critical business functions to the cloud with reduced cost and increased digital scalability. This will provide a better experience and better clarity of capital to their corporate clients. “

Every cloud service is built on an adaptable microservices architecture, so banks don’t need to take a disruptive and expensive replacement approach to updating their IT infrastructure. Instead, they can strategically “connect” these new services and modernize their back office systems. The services also feature built-in AI and machine learning models, which help banks adapt to changing market dynamics and automate processes. Specific strengths of the solution include:

  • Oracle Banking Supply Chain Finance Cloud Service helps banks improve working capital with buyer-centric financing and reduced bill payment cycles.
  • Oracle Banking Liquidity Management Cloud Service enables banks to help corporate clients better manage their day-to-day liquidity through more accurate cash forecasting and efficient collection and receivables management.
  • Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management Cloud Service provides a real-time view of the company’s cash positions, providing better working capital clarity.

As services run on the high-performance OCI container engine for Kubernetes and are automated with OCI Resource Manager and Terraform in multiple Oracle Cloud regions, global banks enjoy the highest levels of system availability, scalability, and security. Datas.

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