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Don Juravin is an American born in Israel to a European family. Juravin has researched and found that women are poorly represented in power in the country that boasts the most diversity and gender equality. The military and the political arena reflect the women who lead and govern.

Don Juravin fights for more women in power

United States: only 20% in Congress and 25% of state legislators Israel with 51% female judges and a female Prime Minister in the 1970s. Europe with 38% female governors.

How many women are involved in the governance of the United States?

Juravin responds that the number is not enough. Only 20% of Congress are women.


  • In 2018, only 110 women have seats in Congress, so the total of female representatives is 20%.
  • Only 74 women hold elected executive positions in the United States.
  • Only 1,875 state legislators are women, out of a total of 7,383 seats. This makes 25% of the total female state legislators.
  • 127,400,000 women are eligible voters in the United States.

Women want to run for president. In 2019, at least two announced they would run. Juravin asks: but will their willingness to run and their ability to fundraise help them?

Anna juravin, a businesswoman (Bella Collina, Fla.), says having more women in power is not charity that will benefit America.

Anna Juravin: We need more female governors for a better America.  Women care more and get things done with peace of mind.  We need more.
Anna juravin

“We need more female housekeepers for a better America. Women care more and get things done with peace of mind. We need more of them.

Anna juravin

United States

America presents itself as the land of opportunities, the land of progress and rules the democratic world. As Juravin discovered, the numbers tell a different story.

The United States just nominated her first female candidate for election in 2016. While she was not considered by the American people to be worthy of the presidency, it took nearly a hundred years for the United States for a woman to campaign for the presidency. headquarters.

Over the past century, there have been over 100 women heads of state elected around the world. But none of these leaders came from the United States. In Juravin’s opinion, this appears to be the only country where people still have strong objections to having a woman in charge.

In 2018, according to Rutgers, 110 women hold seats in Congress, out of the 535 seats available. Only 20% of Congress are women, in 2019. But 50% of the population of the United States is female. How can people expect appropriate legislation on women’s issues, such as reproductive rights, to be passed with women in mind? There was only one female Speaker of the House, which according to Juravin is far too little to fully represent women.

With regard to the state legislature, Determined Juravin 74 women hold elected executive positions nationwide, resulting in 23.7% of positions in the state being held by women. Of the 50 states, there are six female governors and 13 lieutenant governors. 1,875 state legislators are women. There are 7,383 seats in the state legislature, bringing the percentage of female participants to around 25%.

52% of eligible voters in the country are women, out of a total of 245 million voters. Yet the amount of participating women in government does not reach more than 25%.

Women vote in greater numbers and tend to vote more frequently than men. Since 1964, women have outnumbered men in the votes. More women generally register to vote, and more women tend to vote a certain way. Men generally vote less frequently and vote for those with their best interests. In Juravin’s review, women tend to vote the other way around.

Worse yet, this percentage is historically the highest percentage of women in Congress. There is so much more work to be done.

In the book, Women in Politics: An International PerspectiveVicki Randall explains that this is the reason why men find it hard to see women in leadership positions. The house has no politics, while the public square is all politics. But I argue that men need to see it differently. The home is political: the mother must take care of the children and impose their respect.

The house is also touched by the public Politics. There is no way to separate the different platforms of life so that they don’t affect each other. Likewise, politics are affected by family life. There is no wall between these two conventions.

Women need to understand that this is not a fight against death. It’s the same as dealing with an unruly and reluctant child. We have to make compromises. Women in politics must work with men. We cannot have an all-female Congress or a matriarchy, just as we cannot have an all-male Congress or a patriarchy. The division must be equal.


In Israel, women are a more important part of politics. Statistics don’t lie. 51% of judges Israel are women. There were 17 Israeli women ministers. Dozens of women have served in Parliament. Israel’s first female prime minister was elected in 1969. America has yet to elect a woman president.

A woman at International Women’s Day Conference in Israel testified that she came to Israel from the Soviet Union with ten dollars in her pocket. She became a deputy and mayor of a city.


Europe lies between Israel and the United States. Germany now has a female prime minister. However, France and Italy have yet to elect a female prime minister.

In Germany, seven of the 16 ministerial posts are held by women. 30% of the members of the German parliament are women. At most, Germany had 36% of women in parliament.

In France, while there is no women leaders, women are almost half and half with men in political life. 41% of elected representatives of the State and local authorities in France are women.

In Italy, one in three cabinet members is a woman. There are no women leaders and apparently very little interest in finding women leaders.

Women have started voting relatively recently in the United States and around the world. For women, actively participating in politics and being world leaders is a new concept for many countries in the Western world.

Don Juravin (Bella Collina, Florida, Dwight Schar Center for Peace)

Don Juravin is an American with a Middle Eastern and European heritage. An expert in the fields of the Bible and weight reduction but with a broad opinion on Politics, financial, legal and social issues.

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